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Mission Statement

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The purpose of Virginia Beach Lifesaving Service Incorporated, is to prevent and to reduce injuries, accidents, and fatalities at the ocean front in its guarded areas. We shall aim:

  • To implement preventative lifeguarding strategy;
  • To train personnel in accordance with the guidelines established by USLA;
  • To prepare our lifeguards for the challenges of an ocean environment;
  • To provide rescue equipment to meet the potential needs of the ocean going public;
  • To identify water hazards and notify authorities;
  • To encourage safe conduct among visitors through notification of beach safety rules;
  • To relate to the public in a courteous, professional manner;
  • To educate the public on its responsibilities regarding beach safety;
  • To coordinate services provided with EMS;
  • To promote the City of Virginia Beach by providing excellent service.


The entire staff has demonstrated a commitment to excellence and service, not only on the job but also over and beyond the call of duty. They have volunteered as firefighters and rescue squad members and organized such events as the Ocean Mile Swim, Junior Lifeguard Program, Beach Safety Day, and presentations of the Ocean Environment Awareness in schools.


1804 Arctic Avenue Virginia Beach, Virginia 23451
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